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There is always something about beautiful and solid flooring, the comfort and assurance it gives, the way it gathers the whole building and gives it a wonderful concept is absolute bliss.

Floors are not just there to be stepped on; they hold memories and stories to be shared. Hence, their durability and beauty should be of the topmost priority. 

The concept of durability and quality has always been associated with epoxy flooring, which is why you need them, not just for solid and durable floors, but also for beautiful colors and styles that best soothe your taste.

As a certified epoxy flooring company in Lake Mathews California, we see ourselves as an army of skilled and experienced professionals willing to walk with you through the journey of setting up your dream epoxy floors, whether for your home, warehouses, restaurants, or even patios.

Contact us today for professional epoxy flooring services in Lake Mathews.

About Us

Favour Epoxy Flooring is a renowned family-owned flooring company operating in Lake Mathews CA and the entirety of South California and its surrounding area. We offer a vast variety of epoxy floor colors and designs to choose from for your commercial or residential space.

We boast of our competency in pairing any color to create perfect and first-class flooring for your malls, homes, car packs, office spaces, and lots more.

We also make recommendations on the best epoxy solutions, epoxy floor paints, floor waxing, concrete floor restoration, concrete floor paint, metallic epoxy floor, epoxy garage floor cost, and residential epoxy flooring for your homes. 

We are not just beauty-conscious, but also place durability as a topmost priority. We offer the best epoxy flooring, as our floorings are customized to withstand any form of activity for prolonged durability. So, contact us now for a beautiful and durable upgrade of your home or workspace, as we assure you an excellent job for the best price.

Garage, Basements, & Interior Epoxy Flooring Services

Other Flooring Services we Offer

Floor Polishing

Epoxy floorings are known to be very shiny and beautiful when newly installed, but as time goes on they tend to become dull due to fumes or stains from your vehicle or heavy foot traffic.

To retain the beauty of the floor, you are advised to have proper floor polishing at least once a year. 

Seeking the aid of professionals to get this job done can never be overemphasized, especially in the case of heavy or difficult stains or a large space to clean.

Favour Epoxy Flooring has proven to be at the top of the game as we provide you with the best epoxy flooring service, like an epoxy coating, floor waxing, concrete floor restoration, etc. 

Epoxy floors are wonderful when it comes to floor coating both for commercial and residential applications.

Caring for your floor needs to be done regularly, and we hope to relieve you from the burden.

We are the best choice as we make sure to use the best epoxy floor coating products in Lake Mathews.

Our floors are designed to be user-friendly and maintain their glow for many years, even after the installation.

Tile Refinishing

Tile refinishing, also known as tile glazing, is the process of making the old tile look brand new.

If done properly, with quality materials, by a professional refinisher, the result will be durable and new-looking tiles.

This is a service we can easily render once we are contacted.

Tile Floor Restoration

As time flies and due to underlying movement and heavy footfall, it’s common for tiles to crack, become loose, or go missing.

While you can often repair tiled floors on your own, we would advise seeking a specialist, like us, for an effective job.

If you are unsure about when you need a tile floor restoration, then you must know that when there’s a crack, total loss of a tile or more, unevenness of floor, or tile discoloration, you need to consult a tile floor restoration professional to get it sorted.

Well, the good news is that we offer both removal and installation services. So, search no further.

Stone Floor Repair

Stone flooring such as slate, marble, and onyx provides a remarkable touch of elegance and aesthetics.

Many people wish to add the peculiar beauty of stone into their houses, but others are skeptical due to its proneness to etchings and cracks.

Of course, if it isn’t properly maintained, the stone floor can degrade quickly.

With the right approach and level of maintenance, however, you won’t have to worry about your flooring becoming shabby.

Why Hire Us for your Epoxy Floor Services in Lake Mathews, CA?


We at Favour Epoxy Flooring have sufficient experience in offering the best epoxy flooring installation service for hospitals, warehouses, factories, auto shops, etc., in Lake Mathews, CA.

We’ve spent years in building and developing extensively various ways to perfect our expertise. Our result over the years speaks for itself. 

As an experienced company, we have a vast knowledge of the different kinds of flooring suitable for different places, for instance, the flooring of a restaurant would definitely not be the same as that of a garage.

We consistently train our staff to ensure that we are at par with every development pertinent to giving our customers the best services.

Friendly & Professional

We encourage a friendly environment with our customers, and we create a team-like relationship where we work together with our customers to bring their flooring dreams to reality. 

We also make sure that there is an ease in getting scheduled as all it takes is for you to contact us or visit our website.

We have adequate personnel on standby to ensure an easy booking to make the whole process less stressful thereby maintaining a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Affordability & Best Quality

We offer the best commercial service for a lesser price which gives us an edge over other flooring companies in Lake Mathews, California.

We also make sure to deliver on schedule. 

Although our prices are less to ensure affordability for everyone, we don’t, in any way, compromise the quality of services we render.

We have the best epoxy flooring contractors to facilitate the best services.

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Certified Professionals

Everyone feels relieved when capable hands handle their businesses.

In regards to this, we fit perfectly into the space of certified professionals. We also ensure that we have built a team of flooring professionals who deliver an amazing job promptly.

We meet all the requirements of a fully licensed and insured Lake Mathews flooring company and that is why we are the best choice for you.

Great Customer Service

Our drive as a company is to provide the best services and ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

This is why we use the highest quality materials, like Dur-A-Flex, to guarantee the best and most satisfying finishing. 

We are not just profit-conscious, but we also hope to leave an impressive impact on all our customers, to cultivate a long-lasting relationship.

Given this, we have professionals in various departments who are stationed to meet the needs of our customers and give answers to all questions about their flooring needs. 

We also educate new homeowners on the best epoxy flooring to use in different areas of their homes.

It is this honesty and openness that fosters mutual trust with our customers and creates a happy space for them to express themselves, by being both professional and friendly.

Other Services Rendered

We are also involved in floor waxing, concrete floor restoration, removal, installation, and repairing of floors anywhere in Lake Mathews, California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy is one of the best options for commercial flooring, and this is said because it is one of the least expensive per sq ft options for you, and still of superior long-lasting value.

Epoxy flooring costs can be estimated at as low as $2.50 per square foot when you’re buying in bulk to cover several thousand square feet. For a smaller-scale job, you’re typically only looking at $8 per square foot on the higher end, and that’s for high-grade epoxy. This sets it out as the best all-around value in resinous flooring.

Also, you must put into consideration the cost of epoxy flooring installation, and this is highly dependent on the Lake Mathews epoxy company that you hire, as the varies for different epoxy flooring companies. We can guarantee that hiring us would be to your profit as we provide the best epoxy floor at the best price.

Yes! Have you ever wanted to have floorings with bright colors but always considered the cost of maintenance, epoxy may be your answer! You don’t have to be concerned about staining as epoxy flooring is resistant to oil, gas, bleach, and most chemicals and materials.

On the other hand, ceramic tiles may look shiny when they are first installed, but as time goes on, dirt begins to accumulate in the grout lines, thereby breeding grounds for bacterial growth and making them hard to clean and expensive to maintain.

Epoxy floors are free of joints so bacterial growth isn’t a problem and cleaning your floor is not so difficult anymore. 

Epoxy flooring is always cheaper than tiled flooring, although this is on the quality and finishing of what you compare.

Epoxy floor costs approximately $30-$100 per sqm installed. The price range for vinyl tiles is similar, while for ceramic tiles the average cost is a lot more than $90-$150 per square meter.

As with concrete floor restoration or installation, the larger the room, the cheaper each square meter will cost so epoxy is more cost-effective for larger spaces.

Epoxy flooring has so many advantages over other flooring solutions. It’s affordable and considered the most inexpensive flooring that lasts for a long time, in other words, it is very durable. Epoxy flooring has also been considered first among equals when it comes to commercial spaces as it has strong resistance to bear the hauling of heavy equipment and also for heavy vehicles in garages or basements. Notwithstanding, Epoxy flooring also has some disadvantages like; difficulty adhering to environments with moisture problems and slippery tendencies. However, the advantages of epoxy flooring surpass its disadvantages, as every disadvantage stated here has a solution. All the above-mentioned problems are promptly and properly attended to by our professionals to ascertain that you have a safe and beautiful floor for your home, businesses, restaurants, auto shops, garages, and lots more. 

We also have a partner company that can help with the waterproofing of your building all over the USA

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